Skymark SMS



Feature Overview:

  • Easy entry and editing of all SMS reports, including hazards, occurrences, accidents and incidents
  • "Public" entry form, so anyone can submit an anonymous SMS report, without needing an account
  • Mobile entry form, so anyone can submit an SMS report from their phone or mobile device
  • E-mail notification of new report
  • Daily and weekly e-mail notifications of items that are coming due, or are overdue
  • Extensive Hazards list to track all hazards, their related risks and mitigations
  • Wide variety of options to track reports by hazard, date, aircraft, location, category or any other parameter
  • Definable lists of categories, locations, factors and departments to help track reports
  • Definable corrective actions for each report with e-mail notification
  • Definable users with selectable permissions to control what the user can edit or view
  • User definable queries to select and display specific information.
  • Maintain Auditing and QA checklists
  • Track report costs with a variety of reporting options
  • Define recurring Tasks with automatic e-mail notification and completion history
  • Store related files for each report or task

Online application

This is an online application, there is no software to download and install on your system.

There are several advantages to an online application:

  • The software is always up-to-date, you never need to check for new releases and download updates to your system
  • The application can be accessed from anywhere at anytime, using a regular internet sqlConnection
  • The application is multi-user, allowing several people to be logged in at the same time
  • The application is licensed for a low, per-month fee, there is no large initial purchase price


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